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Please help us Congratulate 2017’s 11 Idea Lab challenge winners! These folks develop incredible innovations in servicing community needs. 

Johns Hopkins University will fund 11 community projects focused on diversity and the environment as part of the school’s annual Idea Lab challenge. This is the third year Hopkins has hosted Idea Lab, in which students and staff can submit project proposals for consideration. Source: Johns Hopkins names 11 Idea Lab challenge winners addressing community […]

Column: The best practices for handling real estate taxes

Real estate development and investment continues to serve as one of the primary drivers of economic activity throughout Greater Baltimore. With one of the largest real estate practices in the region, we are able to help structure dozens of transactions every year, ranging from $100 million funds to small commercial acquisitions and sales. Source: Column: […]

Zillow’s “Zestimates” Probably Aren’t The Best Way To Figure Out How Much Your House Is Worth

If you’ve been in the market for real estate lately — or even just idly browsing your old neighborhood from curiosity — you’ve almost certainly seen the “Zestimate” splashed across a property’s Zillow listing. But now, multiple lawsuits are claiming those numbers are so far from realistic that they’re actually harmful, and Zillow itself is […]

When Does Refinancing Make Sense?

When does refinancing make sense? It depends on your goals and the loans available to you. Here are some scenarios in which refinancing does and does not make sense. Source: When Does Refinancing Make Sense?

It may sound like real estate industry hype: Owning a home is the best pathway to wealth.

But recently published census data dramatically suggest history backs up the property game’s marketing theme. In December 2013, the most recent data on personal assets available, the median net worth of the U.S. homeowning household was 90 times bigger than a renter. Source: It may sound like real estate industry hype: Owning a home is […]

Father’s Day DIY: Make a Personalized Grill Tool Hanger (14 photos)

Source: Father’s Day DIY: Make a Personalized Grill Tool Hanger (14 photos)

What To Look For In A Mortgage Company

You want the best mortgage company when you buy a home or refinance. But how can you tell a good mortgage company from a bad one? Find out here. Source: What To Look For In A Mortgage Company

Renters Are Bidding On Apartments Like It Is eBay – Technology

As America increasingly becomes a country of renters, some startups are looking to profit off that demand by allowing potential tenants to bid on rents. These platforms, like San Francisco-based startup Rentberry, allow users to bid on rent in hopes of saving an average of 5.1% on their lease. Rentberry lets tenants bid against each other in […]

Keep Your Kitchen’s ‘Backside’ in Good Shape (17 photos)

One of the tricky things about an open floor plan is the view from room to room. When you’re throwing a nice dinner party or hanging out in your living room, you don’t want to feel as if you’re in the middle of the kitchen. So you need to think about the kind of view […]